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  • Powerful database driven e-commerce shopping cart
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Web statistics, track visitors and monitor activities in real time
  • Sales Report in any period
  • Incentive Plan with coupon generating, auto-delivery and tracking
  • Live Chat support.
  • Forum bulletin board.
  • Quick book for accounting
  • Membership support
  • PHP and Perl Scripts
  • Export information to other applications
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 5 GB traffic/month
  • 10 User accounts
  • 10 E-Mail boxes
  • Free webmail
  • Free SSL seucre web server
  • Firewall security
  • Daily data backup
  • Disaster backup recover.
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1. How do I open my website and store for business?
  • You need to apply a domain name (for example: for your business. There are many domain name providers, such as,, and more.
  • Online sign up our service to open your store and website by providing your domain, company and billing information. Once we get your application and verify your information to be correct, your online store and website will been opened immediately. A confirmation email will send to you. Usually the process takes less than 24-hour.
  • Add products and categories; select shipping methods and payment options remotely. Everything is controlled by yourself from your local machine.

2. Do I need any special hardware or software to use Web Online Management service?
All it takes is to use a computer with a web browser (Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer or other web browser applications) and an Internet connection. To include images in your products, you may also want to have access to a digital camera or scanner.

3. Do I need to design or edit my online store and website html files?
You do not need to design or edit any website html files yourself or rely on an outside expert. You just need to use a browser to add, delete, edit products, categories, other information, check and print customer order, sales report and etc. with just a few clicks. All you need to know is how to use a web browser. You build an online store with fully featured e-commerce web site looks like a professional does it.
Of course, you can design your customized html files locally and upload them to your website.

4. Can I change my website and online store once I've created it?
Yes. You can update your site as often as you want, from any Internet-connected computer. Some of our merchants update their sites several times a day. Once your finish your modification, the updated version of your site becomes visible instantly.

5. Do I have to sign a contract with KZ Company's Web Online Management Service?
While you do have to agree to our Terms of Service, you don't have to sign up for a fixed period of time. You can cancel your service at any time.

6. What if I already have a domain name I'd like to use Web Online Management Service?
You can use an existing domain name. Once you've signed up our service. You will need to contact your domain name registrar and ask it to point your domain name to and MX to (for email receiving, it is optional). If you do not know how to do that, please provide the domain name account information to us, our technician will help you to implement.

7. What if I want to change my domain name after I sign up?
If you wish to change your domain name after you sign up, you will need to cancel your service and sign up all over again. But we can help your transfer existing data to the new domain system. For this reason, we recommend that you choose your domain name very carefully, to avoid having an interruption in service later.

8. What security features does Web Online Management Service offer?
We use industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card and address information securely on its way from the shopper to our computers, and from our computers to you, the merchant.

9. Will anyone else have access to my sales data or account?
Absolutely not, we never disclose sales data, your customer information for anybody or any organization.

We understand how much direct marketers value customer lists, and our policy is that this information is your property. We do not sell customer names, nor do we use them ourselves.

10. How can I receive orders from my customers?
Once a customer orders the products online, a confirm email will send to your customer and the company email ( You can go to the administrative console to sign in your account to view orders over a secure connection. You can export order and customer information to your local machine to use other application to handle or analysis.

11. I don't have a merchant account yet. Can KZ Company help me get one?
Yes, you can help you to apply a merchant account for you. Your application will be processed in one to three business days. If you're accepted, your new merchant account will be hooked up to your online store automatically.

12. How many payment options are supported now?
There are four payment options available now. They are offline credit card, PayPal account, iTransact real-time transaction and postal mail by check. You can choose either one of them. Or you can select part or all of them to be your payment options for customer to select.

  • Offline Credit card option requires you to process it offline by use traditional credit card terminal. No payment gateway monthly fee is needed
  • PayPal Payment is free to setup and use with your bank account or credit card automatically connected and worldwide accepted.
  • provides Internet Protocol (IP) payment gateway services that enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • iTransact Gateway Service allows you to accept all kinds of secure payments (including credit cards, personal or company check) from your customers in real time. The credit card verification and money transferring to your bank account are automatically finished in less than half-minute.
  • Check or Money Order Payment can be mailed by postal mail. It will take a longer time to finish payment process.
  • Other real time online payment systems will come soon.

13. How can I track packages that I have shipped?
After you ship your packages and fill the package tracking number in shipment form, it will be automatically inserted into your order. You can click on the tracking number to track the package. Your customers can track the status of their packages by clicking on the tracking number on their order summary page.

14. Do I need to setup a user account and the email account separately?
No, when you add a user account with email box function is selected, the email account is automatically setup for this user. The email address is: username@youremaildomain. He/she can access to the email box after login to the administrative console.

15. How to manage Company E-Mails, such as customerservice@yourcompanydomain, sales@your companydomain?
There are six company emails, which are automatically setup when you sign up the web online service. They are all forwarding emails and do not need to manage them manually. But the admin user can control their forwarding to a single or multiple users. If a user is assigned a forwarding email, this user can receive his/her own emails plus the emails coming to this email box. When this person tries to send an email to the customer, the From-Email dropdown menu will include this forwarding email address in addition to personal email address. So the recipients will see the email coming from company email address, not personal email address. Any employee can represent company to send emails to customers if he/she is granted this right. The six pre-defined emails are:

  1. customerservice@youremaildomain
  2. sales@youremaildomain
  3. support@youremaildomain
  4. newsletter@youremaildomain
  5. rma@youremaildomain
  6. staff@youremaildomain

16. How will I know how I'm doing? Can I get statistics about traffic and sales?
Yes. Web Online Management service's tracking tools are powerful and extensive, and make it easy to view traffic and sales on a daily basis. This information gives you valuable insight and helps you make decisions about how to optimize your product line and how to better invest your time and money.
You only can define a date frame (from - to) to get a summary statistic list report with each day, week, month or years. A bar or trend graph can include or not include. And even more you can watch and monitor the activities of your website and online store in real time.

17. How does the incentive plan and coupon system work?
This is a big and good question. There are three categories of incentive rules: Free Shipping, Discount Rule and Coupon Group Rules. Each rule includes the fields of the offer (discount number, x percent off or free shipping), Limit on (What condition), Apply to (Which product, or Products in a category) and Expired Date.
The coupon group rules can include zero to unlimited groups. You can create a group of coupons with a given prefix plus string length. You can select to automatically delivery to a new ordering customers or newsletter subscribers. The description will display on the invoice with a coupon or show on the email to a newsletter subscriber. For detail, please see Online Help.

18. What is the Quick Book?
The Quick book is designed to help you to manage the daily income or expense bill of your company. You can easily get a statistics report in any given date frame. It is very useful for your annual tax report. You can open unlimited books and assign them to different employee to manage.

9. Is Membership supported?
Yes. You can setup different member areas to allow different types of customers to access these areas. Setup the member areas with management is an easy task.

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